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Printable pdf files of the 2006 CCRs

First Seven Sections

1. Declaration of Intent
2. Dedication of Roads and Common Areas
3. Homeowners Association
4. Obligations of Owners
5. Obligation of the Association
6. Common Expenses and Assessment (See 2011 Amendment)
7. Architectural Control Committee (See 2011 Amendment for 7.1)

Click here for a printable pdf file of the first seven original 2006 CCR sections.

Next Sections, Eight Through 13

  8. Architectural and Landscape Control
  9. Protective Covenants (See 2011 Amendment)
10. Right to Amend (Deleted by 2011 Amendment)
11. General Provisions
12. Term of Covenants
13. Amendment Process (See 2011 Amendment)

Click here for a printable pdf file of the remaining five sections of the original 2006 CCR sections.


Click here for a printable pdf file of amendments to the 2006 documents. The amendments were adopted May 6, 2011.

Exhibit A - Architectural Control Approval Application


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