2016 Audit

Fox Hill Homeowners' Association

Olympia, Washington

Hawk near Fox Ridge Lane, January 2012
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2016 Audit Report
Fox Hill Homeowners Association
Homeowner auditor committee:
Kindra Benavidez and Amy Johnstone

Submitted April 14, 2017
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Fri 4/14, 12:00 PM

Greetings HOA board members,

Amy Johnstone and I completed the review of the 2016 books. The books are very organized and the documentation was excellent. Sonya is to be commended!

 Below are the questions we had, their planned resolution, plus 2 recommendations for the board's consideration.

 Questions: we asked Sonya about the following items. Sonya indicated she has the needed verification / explanations and will integrate them into the folder.

1. The Costco and Safeway receipts from 8/5 for the HOA picnic - the amount reimbursed is less than the amounts on the receipts. (Some of the items were things that Sonya purchased herself that weren't for reimbursement. A note to explain the difference should be added.)

2. We couldn't find the back up associated the two J&I payments in September. (Sonya has the back up in a different file related to insurance, and will add copies to the book)

 3. We couldn't find the back up for the Non Profit registration renewal fee. (Has the info, copy to be added to the book.)

 4. There were 4 deposits we weren't clear about - $25 on 5/9, $150 on 6/20. $65 on 8/29 and $25 on 9/27. (These are payments from owners for gate remotes. Notes to be added to the book.)

Recommendations: We pose 2 recommendations to the board to consider for ongoing "best practice" for accounting and fiscal separation of duties:

 1. If the Treasurer needs to be reimbursed for something, the check should be made out and signed by the Vice President, rather than by the Treasurer her/himself, and

2. Since the HOA FY goes from Mar-Feb, suggest keeping the annual books on the same cycle rather than on a CY cycle. (This will ensure things sync up better. We couldn't fully cross walk the CY expenses to the FY spreadsheet that was presented at the HOA meeting.) Thanks for the opportunity to support our neighborhood by completing this review.

 Please contact us with any questions.

Kindra Benavidez
(with Amy Johnstone's concurrence)

Goldfinch at Fox Hill

Goldfinch at Fox Hill
Spring, 2015

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