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Links on this page allow you to view the complete fully-revised language for the Fox Hill CCRs and the box below contains necessary applications to comply. The web pages include the changes made by the Board in May, 2011. Those changes are underlined on the pages.

Architectural Approval Applications

Use the application version that works best for you for new building, concrete, landscape and tree issues to comply with the covenants.
Remember, all HOA-approved applications are still subject to county regulations and may require additional county permits.

 Download and fill out one of two ACC forms below:

1. Downloadable PDF fillable form for the Architectural Approval Application.

 2. Download a Microsoft WORD PC fillable form
for the Architectural Approval Application

New! Fox Hill Plat Map (pdf)

Note on Open Space Areas: An open space area exists behind every lot at Fox Hill.  This 88 acres owned by the HOA exists as an undisturbed forest area and any construction or dumped materials may be removed by the homeowners association at the expense of anyone that created the problem.

Note on drainage swales: Drainage swales in front of each lot are owned by the HOA but must be maintained by each homeowner under the terms of the covenants applied by the HOA in approved architectural control plans that reference Thurston County guidelines. A copy of Thurston County's drainage manual is located at

Obligations of the Association & Owners, Assessments, Architectural and Landscape

The button below links you with Articles 1-8. They deal with common expenses and assessments, and architectural or landscape issues. Recent changes are underlined.

CCRs - Articles 1-8

Protective Covenants

This button below takes you to a complete revised web version of Fox Hill CCRs, Article 9. This Article deals with Fox Hill Protective Covenants.

CCRs - Article 9

General Provisions

The button below takes you to the complete revised version of Fox Hill CCRs for the general provisions sections. Section 10 was deleted by amendment in 2011. This link deals with the remaining articles as amended, Articles 11-13.

CCRs - Articles 10-13

Printable file

This button below is for a printable pdf file that gives you all of the revised CCRs currently enforced, Articles 1-13 (that can be viewed in html form from the links above.)

Printable PDF File


Archived files of the 2006 CCRs

Click here for a printable pdf file of the original 2006 CCR sections and files of the amendments adopted on May 6, 2011.


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