2015 Annual Meeting

Fox Hill Homeowners' Association

Olympia, Washington

Hawk near Fox Ridge Lane, January 2012
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2015 Annual Homeowners Meeting
Fox Hill Homeowner’s Association
East Olympia Fire District No. 6
Minutes by Dana Townsend, Secretary
March 5, 2015

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2014 Officers: President, Larry Ganders; Vice President, Bill Hanson; Director, Kelly Gregerson; and Secretary, Dana Townsend.


Safety Report

Prior to the start of the scheduled Homeowner’s meeting, new Fire Chief Warren Peterson, of East Olympia Fire District 6 showed us a short video of how quickly a fire can get out of control. Reinforcing the need to ensure you have working/functional smoke detectors in your homes. The Fire Station provides free CPR and certifications to those interested. For more information, contact the Fire Department directly at 491-5533.

Verified Quorum
The meeting was called to order by President Larry Ganders at about 6:30pm. Board Members Ganders, Hanson, Gregerson, Ybarra, and Townsend were introduced. A quick “head-count” was conducted to ensure a 60% quorum of homeowner voters to proceed with elections for the evening. This was confirmed. In addition to the 30 households represented in attendance, there were proxies for 27 more households.

Board of Director Elections:
Nominations were taken for the Board of Directors positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Director, and Secretary are all 1-year terms. Paper ballots were counted and the results are:
  • 2015 President = Bill Hanson
  • 2015 Vice President = Kelly Gregerson
  • 2015 Treasurer = Sonya Ybarra
  • 2015 Director = Larry Ganders
  • 2015 Secretary = Dana Townsend
President Ganders quickly reviewed the Subdivision construction and Architectural Control Committee Actions. There are (10) lots unbuilt in our subdivision with Todd owning (8) of those lots. If Todd’s rate of build continues, we could anticipate everything being built out by end of 2015.

Adopting 2015 Budget
The 2014 Budget was quickly reviewed and a motion was made to adopt the 2015 budget. President Ganders provided the members with an overview of the Reserve Account, reminding those new members of why our HOA dues could increase by 5% each year at the discretion of the directors. Annual dues were lowered during the recession from $600 per year. The budget was unanimously approved by the 50 Homeowners present.

Road repairs
Jeff Pantier suggested consideration be given to small road repairs this year and recommended a possible evaluation by concrete company (Lakeside) to fix small cracks, damage, etc., with a cap of $5,000. A motion was made by Mike Costello, and seconded by Bill Fletcher. The HOA Board will pursue and post updates on the website.

Landscaping report
The Board has hired a new Landscaping Company who will maintain the front entryway lawns and flower beds as well as the park area. This will include wedding and fertilization which our previous landscaping company did not do.

Financial audit
Per our HOA Bylaws, an annual audit of the financial books will be conducted by non-officers. These non-officers will consist of: John Stockman, Mike Costello, and Ralf Schreiner. Dana and Sonya will provide all financial information by March 12, 2015, for review. A report will be generated and results provided to Board.

Available wood
Dayna Matthews asked if the trees that were fallen in the subdivision were “up for grabs” and they are. Please feel free to take the wood for your personal needs.

Dumping and building in common areas
President Ganders reminded all HOA members that building, constructing, and dumping of yard debris is strictly forbidden in the HOA greenbelt and common areas.

Gravel road shoulders
Homeowners have 12 more months to ensure their grass that abuts to the roadway is brought down below the road line or graveled 18-24” back. Don’t forget to spray for crane flies now!! The storm water swales were discussed. Homeowners that want to deviate from grass in the swales must secure approval from the Architectural Control Committee and be in conformance with county standards.

Subdivision sign
A Signage Committee has been created to draft samples of a monument for our entryway. This committee will explore possible fundraising for this project. The committee members are: Sharon Fletcher, Bill Stutz, Jodi Costello, Janey Hanson, Robin Ganders, and Patty Pantier. Committee members will gather samples and pricing information and present at 2016 HOA Annual meeting for discussion.

Reminder to every one of the www.foxhillhomeowners.com website. Please refer to our neighborhood website for any questions you may have. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact one of the Board members for further assistance.

Driving speed
Please be aware of your driving speed within Fox Hill. The neighborhood speed limit is 25 mph.

Calendar Items:

* April 25, 2015 – tentative date for our Community Garage Sale! Cathy Parno will coordinate and relay information to the Board so as we get closer to the date and weather permitting, those who want to participate can. We’ll coordinate the gate as we know more details.
* We neglected to discuss our Annual Neighborhood BBQ / Picnic! Typically this is scheduled in late July, or August and held at the park. We’d like to suggest Saturday, August 8, starting at 11am and going until “whenever”. The HOA will provide the hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments, paper plates, plastic utensils, and napkins. We ask all who attend to provide a dish to share and your own beverages. We will need 2-3 BBQ’s brought to the park and we will coordinate as we get closer to the date.

Rainier Road at Spurgeon Creek Road, Feb 2014

Rainier Road at Spurgeon Creek Road
February 2014

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