2016 Annual Meeting

Fox Hill Homeowners' Association

Olympia, Washington

Hawk near Fox Ridge Lane, January 2012
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2016 Annual Meeting
Fox Hill Homeowners Association
East Olympia Fire District 6 Hall

Minutes Approved by the 2016-17 Officers
Kim Zangar, Secretary
March 1, 2016

Click HERE for printable pdf file

Prior to the start of the scheduled Homeowner’s meeting, the members received an overview of the East Olympia Fire District 6. For more information, you can contact the Fire Department directly at 491-5533.


The meeting was called to order by President Bill Hanson. A quick “head-count” was conducted to ensure a 60% quorum of homeowner voters to proceed with elections for the evening. This was confirmed.

Salmon Project:
 Jerilyn Wailey, of the South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group provided a high-level overview of the salmon project this group is hoping to obtain approval and funds for. Mitch Ybarra will be point on this project and will pull together a small working committee to dig deeper into the details of this project and report back to the HOA Board on a regular basis. Jerilyn’s contact information is: (360) 412-0808 or jerilynw@spsseg.org.

Board of Directors Elections:
Nominations were taken for the Board of Directors positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Director, and Secretary are all 1-year terms. Paper ballots were counted and the results are:

  • 2016 President = Ann Mendenhall
  • 2016 Vice President = Mike Costello
  • 2016 Treasurer = Sonya Ybarra
  • 2016 Director = Kelly Gregerson
  • 2016 Secretary = Kim Zangar
President Bill Hanson quickly reviewed the 2015 Board Accomplishments/Action List

1. School Bus Stops Within the Neighborhood
2. Dual Neighborhood Rock Entrance Signs –Gifted by Bill & Sharon Fletcher.
3. Lighting of the North Facing Rock Entrance Sign – Mr. Electric.
4. New Fox Hill Logo to Match the Entrance Signs.
5. Improved Scotch Broom Control – Cedar Creek Tractor.
6. Rebuilding of Park Irrigation System – Tough Dirt Landscaping.
7. Repair of Front Irrigation System – Tough Dirt/Larry Ganders.
8. Improved Lawn Care & Maintenance – Tough Dirt Landscaping.
9. Storm Water Management & Maintenance – Retention Pond Maintenance.
10. Gate Repair for Power Outage Backup & Phone Kiosk – Southgate Fence.
11. Front Gate Database Improvement & Archive Backup.
12. Professional Road Evaluation & Repair – Lakeside/Curb Masters.
13. Addressed Concerns (Drainage, Dogs, Speed, Fireworks, Soliciting, Trees, Safety & Debris).
14. Frequent Website Updates & Maintenance.
15. Purchasing Fox Hill’s Own Web Server Space.
16. New Fox Hill Facebook Page.
17. New Self-Healing Broadcast E-mail Database System – Constant Contact.
18. 2016 Budget Finalized for Next Officers to Consider.
19. Sent Out HOA Meeting/Dues/Proxy Notices to all Homeowners.
20. Organized & Hosted the Annual Neighborhood Picnic.
21. Officer Redundancy Training Efforts (Bank accounts, Gate, Irrigation etc.)
22. Preliminary Discussions on Communication Plan for Neighbor Concerns.
23. Further Dialogue of Proposed Spurgeon Creek Fish Enhancement Project.
24. Final ACC application with Hansen for Subdivision Completion this Year.

2016 HOA Budget Review:

Sonya provided an overview of the proposed 2016 Budget. Budget voted on and approved by HOA Members.

Suggestions for 2016 Neighborhood Improvements

 * Multi-purpose structure located at the park (would serve as a bus stop for neighborhood children as well as a gathering/common area for neighborhood picnics, BBQ’s, etc.

* Improve the swale “rock structures” that slow the flow of the drainage water running down the hill

 * Removal of the young trees growing along either side of the road coming up the hill

 * 2nd lighted entryway sign (possible solar lighting solution)

 * Dog waste posts with disposable bags provided around the neighborhood

Neighborhood Concerns:

Newly elected Board to follow-up on:

 * Driving Speed 25MPH= remember our neighborhood is full now which means we have several children and pets playing outside as the weather improves and walking at night – Please SLOW DOWN – be aware of your speed. The possibility of flashing speed signs that register your speed, painting speed limit on the roadway, speed bumps, and additional speed limit signs throughout the neighborhood.

* Potential need to move mailboxes

 * Picking up after your pets around the neighborhood

* Additional communications throughout the year – all neighborhood communications and upcoming Board Meetings will be posted on the HOA Website 7 days prior to any meetings. It’s important you actively check this website for updates and answers to questions you may have.

 * Trees located on common HOA Property that are of concern – Please provide a notarized letter to the HOA outlining your concerns and proposed actions. May need to insert verbiage into Covenance regarding this issue.

Upcoming Events:

 * The HOA voted and approved to hold our Annual Neighborhood BBQ / Picnic on Saturday, August 6, typically set-up starts at 11am, with food served at 12pm.The HOA provides the hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments, paper plates, plastic utensils, and napkins. We ask all who would like to attend to provide a dish and/or dessert to share as well as your own beverages. We will need volunteers to bring (2) BBQ’s to the park and we’ll coordinate a communication to everyone as we get closer to the August 6, date.

* Shirley Finger will be organizing another Community Garage Sale this summer. More details to follow. If you’re interested in participating, please reach out to Shirley.


Goldfinch at Fox Hill

Goldfinch at Fox Hill
Spring, 2015

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