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2015 Board of Directors
Fox Hill Homeowners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes by Dana Townsend, Secretary
May 4, 2015

Meeting attendance: President, Bill Hanson; Vice President, Kelly Gregerson; Director, Larry Ganders; Treasurer, Sonya Ybarra, and Secretary, Dana Townsend.


1. Park Irrigation Project Summary: Park Irrigation system is now repaired and fully operational. Budget overage of $250 was anticipated because of the decision to go to a control box powered by batteries rather than a low voltage connection from an adjacent lot.

2. Architectural Control Committee:
2015 ACC committee members consist of: John Stockman, Mike Costello, and Kelly Gregerson.

3. HOA Greenbelt Access:
Quads on HOA Property is a County issue. Neighbors bothered by this need to contact the County directly. The HOA has no jurisdiction.

4. Front Gate System Upgrade:
Larry was successful in fully backing up the gate’s data system. There’s also a company in Tacoma who could assist in any future gate issues we may encounter. We’re currently in a year-long contract with South Gate and everything is working well.

5. School Bus Update:
Kelly was successful in getting the School District to establish bus pick-ups points within the Fox Hill neighborhood. This will eliminate the front-entry morning “clog” that occurs as well as make it much safer for our neighbor kids to safely board the bus away from the busy intersection.

6. Dogs and Chicken Complaints:
Progress has been made to resolve the concerns and complaints by some homeowners. The neighbors were able to work things out between themselves.

7. Lot 10 – HOA Property:
The HOA will request a bid from Tough Dirt to review a solution to removing the saplings and scotch broom from the sides of the road coming up the hill and below Lot 10. The ACC reported the landscaping proposal by Lot 10 has been approved.

8. Lot 16 & 17 Drainage Concerns:
These drainage concerns have been discussed with Todd Hanson and he assures the Board it will be addressed appropriately and up to County standards.

9. Road Maintenance Review:
The Board will move forward in getting a road evaluation done to see if any repairs are warranted at this time. There’s a large “crack” that’s concerning and there may be some smaller repairs needed. Bill will contact Lakeside and Dana will ask Pete for additional pavers who might be less expensive. (AA Asphalt and Granite might be options if Lakeside isn’t interested).

10. Front Signage Committee:
Bill and Larry presented rough designs of the front signage recommended by the HOA special committee. They asked for some minor changes to the sketches provided and are awaiting final design. A private donor is contributing the sign costs.

11. Kelly to power wash the front fence.

Bill Hanson, President
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Kelly Gregerson, Vice President
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Dana Townsend, Secretary
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Sonya Ybarra, Treasurer
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Larry Ganders, Director
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Goldfinch at Fox Hill

Goldfinch at Fox Hill
Spring, 2015

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