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Hawk near Fox Ridge Lane, January 2012
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2015 Board of Directors
Fox Hill Homeowners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes by Dana Townsend, Secretary
Nov. 2, 2015

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Meeting attendance: President, Bill Hanson; Vice President, Kelly Gregerson; Director, Larry Ganders; Treasurer, Sonya Ybarra, and Secretary, Dana Townsend.


1. Budget Review -
Sonya went through the annual budget with the Board.

 2. Yearly Brush Cutting –
Cedar Creek Tractor Services did an excellent job of brush cutting this fall. Bill will contact them to schedule a spring cutting and again in the fall with a maximum brush cutting of $4,000. Bill to call Mike Hudson to get the code to the padlock the gate that leads to Joelle Lane.

3. School Bus Route Update –
One change has been made to the drop off/pick-up route and that was dropping off last group of kids at the top of the hill. All is going well and parents are happy. School District and some parents have asked about bus shelters. This can be an agenda item at our Annual HOA Meeting. Kelly suggested a possible shelter be built at the park that would be a multi-purpose shelter (bus stop / park use).

 4. Lot 68/69 Update –
Buyers apparently pulled out of the sell. Looking ahead, to anticipate the sale of these two 40 acre lots we need to anticipate those lots would be clear-cut.

5. Gate Update Review –
Larry provided an update. He’s adding the final new homeowners to the gate. Larry would like to remove all old codes and create a contractor code and possibly a sub-contractor code while Todd builds out the final house and completes warranty work.

 6. New Neighbor Update –
All lots are sold with one remaining to build out.

7. Lot 10 Landscaping –
Otis’ will be postponing any additional landscaping along that hillside until spring 2016.

8. Audit Results –
Results will be posted on the HOA Website. Possibility of hiring a CPA to have future audits done. Click HERE for 2015 Audit Findings & Board Comments

 9. Spurgeon Creek Salmon Project Review –
The HOA Board could provide hand-outs about this project to HOA Homeowners.  Click HERE for Salmon Project Info

10. E-mail Distribution –
Constant Contact setup for the HOA Homeowners’ contact list.

11. Speeding –
Email to Homeowner’s about 25mph speed limit within our neighborhood. If this isn’t adhered to the Board is considering installing speed bumps.

12. Annual HOA Board Meeting Prep –
Letter with proxy votes needs to be sent to HOA Homeowners 45 days prior to meeting. Next Board Meeting will be held mid-January and will include dues invoices that are due March 1 (or at Annual meeting).

Bill Hanson, President
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Kelly Gregerson, Vice President
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Dana Townsend, Secretary
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Sonya Ybarra, Treasurer
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Larry Ganders, Director
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Goldfinch at Fox Hill

Goldfinch at Fox Hill
Spring, 2015

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