2016 Officers' April 21 Meeting

Fox Hill Homeowners' Association

Olympia, Washington

Hawk near Fox Ridge Lane, January 2012
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April 21, 2016 Special Meeting
Fox Hill Homeowners Association
Ann Mendenhall's Home

Kim Zangar, Secretary
April 21, 2016, 6:30 p.m.

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Board members in attendance:
Ann Mendenhall
Mikel Costello
Sonya Ybarra
Kelly Gregerson

March 15, 2016, Board Minutes: Minutes were approved with Carlos Benavidez being removed as a contact for Dog Disposal Bags.

1. Discuss dangerous trees in the green belt and possible tree removal of alders along roadside.

 a. The HOA Board discussed a process of how homeowners may request an assessment for a possible tree removal:

  Step 1 - Complete a Tree Assessment Request Form
Step 2 - Have the Tree Assessment Request Form notarized
Step 3 - Turn the Tree Assessment Request Form into any HOA Board Member
Step 4 - HOA Board assesses the request; determines appropriate course of action
Step 5 - Requestor is notified of HOA Board decision

 Note: Tree Assessment Request Form to be created and put on website (HOA Board action item)

b. The HOA Board discussed & assessed the concern about baby alder trees along the side of the road on the hill. The HOA Board will be hosting an activity day to remove these trees at a date not yet selected (TBA). (Ann's action item)

2. Follow up on discretionary spending and what we want to propose to HOA members.

a. Tree removal (Ann's action item)
 The HOA Board is working to acquire 3 quotes to perform an assessment of the trees throughout our community. Once an appropriate service provider is identified, notification will be sent to home owners for their awareness. Once the assessment is completed, the final report will be assessed, posted on the Fox Hill HOA website and follow-up action will be appropriately taken.

b. Speed limit signs (Kelly's action item) The HOA Board discussed and decided to move forward in a phased approach to resolving the concerns with speeding vehicles by procuring speed signs to be posted in strategic locations throughout the community. Specific locations TBD/A.

  i. Cost of speed limit signs = $196.35
ii. Cost of the sign posts = $247.35
iii. S&H = $116.02 The Board will be contacting Tough Dirt to install our new speed limit sign posts at a date not yet selected (TBA).

 Other options that could be considered later on were:
  i. Adjusting bylaws to hold home owners accountable for their speed throughout the community
ii. Digital signs that capture speed, date, and time (estimated cost ? $3.5k to $4.5k)
iii. Electronic camera speed sign

 c. Multipurpose building (Mikel's action item)
 This topic was discussed and more research and development is necessary to determine location, size, features, and material. An email will be sent to all home owners in the near future soliciting suggestions on potential options that can be compiled for consideration. Once viable options are acquired and identified, this proposal will be addressed at a future HOA Board meeting for additional discussion & consideration by all of the HOA.

 d. Wildlife Control (which includes, but not limited to: Insects, birds, rabbits, etc.) Note: This was an agenda item that was added after posting of meeting agenda.
 The HOA Board discussed this and decided that the HOA is not responsible for insects and wildlife that reside on HOA property. Home Owners are encouraged to contact the HOA Board when harmful insects are found to discuss situation and options.

3. Expired 2-year grace period for homes with grass against asphalt road.
 The HOA Board discussed this agenda item and has decided to proceed with the following workflow.

a. General reminder to all Fox Hill Home Owners of what was decided during an annual meeting of the home owners on March 6, 2014; to include applicable meeting notes when this compliance item was voted on for reference.

b. Official letter sent to home owners not in compliance.

c. Acquire 3 quotes by service providers to resolve non-compliant homes.

d. Final notification sent to home owners not in compliance.

e. Approve work by cheapest quote to bring violations into compliance.

f. Issue bill to non-compliant home owners after work is complete.

4. Dog Waste Stations (Kelly's action item) Clarification: this is a fancy name for posts that have dog poop bags mounted to them. Note: This was an agenda item that was added after posting of meeting.

 Three locations were discussed to install Dog Waste Stations.
Those locations are:

a. The Park

b. On one of the corners of the 4-way intersection of Fox Ridge Lane and Joelle Lane

c. Somewhere over by Sony Ybarra's house or in front of Dan Lambert's house

 The HOA Board might host an activity day to install these dog waste stations at a date not yet selected (TBA) in lieu of paying to have them professionally installed at a cost to the HOA (TBD/A).

 5. Further discussion of quorum requirements for HOA (This was a private discussion with Board at the request of members at Annual Meeting.)

The HOA Board moved to start a petition to all home owners concerning the reduction in the quorum requirement to 34%. Once the appropriate petition is created, the HOA Board will reach out to home owners to give reasoning behind change and seek support in this agenda item.

 6. Further discussion of moving USPS mail boxes (Mikel's action item) Note: This was an agenda item that was added after posting of meeting agenda. The HOA Board is looking into further authority, cost(s), time, and options to moving USPS mail boxes. Move research is pending on this agenda item; to be discussed at future HOA Board meeting. Reminders:


A. New/replacement gate remotes are $25 and can be requested through Kelly Gregerson (kelly.gregerson@hotmail.com).


Goldfinch at Fox Hill

Goldfinch at Fox Hill

Spring, 2015

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