2016 Officers' June 16 Meeting

Fox Hill Homeowners' Association

Olympia, Washington

Hawk near Fox Ridge Lane, January 2012
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June 16, 2016 Special Meeting
Fox Hill Homeowners Association
Ann Mendenhall's Home

Kim Zangar, Secretary

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Board members in attendance:
Ann Mendenhall
Mikel Costello
Sonya Ybarra
Kelly Gregerson

Homeowner in attendance:
Ralf Schreiner

1) Review of April Meeting Minutes
 Proposal: remove notarization requirement for tree removal & add tree removal request entry to existing ACC Application form.
Ann's Action Item: Meet with ACC Committee to discuss revision(s) of ACC form.
Mikel's Action Item: ACC develop of an editable .pdf form; draft to be sent to HOA board for review & refinement.

2) Tree Assessment Bids for HOA - The Board discussed concerns of homeowners regarding dead and dangerous trees.

There is still some research that needs to be completed before setting up a firm process of dealing with trees of concern, but we are making progress and should have more answers in the next week or two.

Kelly's Action Item (to acquire responses to the following RFIs): Does tree removal along the hill require a permit? Does removal of a tree in a designated green belt or wetland require a permit? Need clarification on dead tree guidance per Thurston County.

Ann's Action Item: Arrange for tree professional to conduct site assessment; date(s) TBA.

3) Mowing/Scotch Broom Removal - Removal is scheduled for August which aligns with the ideal time to control spreading.

4) Alder Tree Removal - After examining the size and quantity of Alder trees along the roadside up the hill, it was determined that we will need to hire a professional to cut these down.

Ann has acquired a couple of bids for getting this accomplished. We still need to determine whether or not we will need a permit before signing a contract for removal.

5) Expired 2 Yr. Grace Period - Ann gave an update on homeowner communications regarding lots out of compliance with gravel barrier to road.

We will be doing a final walk-thru and measurement before sending out Notices of Violation. Kelly's Action Item: Conduct measurements of lawn adjacent to road for those lots that were identified out of compliance. Notices of Violation will be sent out by July 1st, 2016 (2-months to resolve).

6) Multi-Purpose Building at Park - There was repeated discussion regarding the need for a multi-purpose structure at the park. The Board has agreed that this is something outside our budget for 2016. It was suggested that we vote on recommendations from the community at our next Annual Association Meeting. Mikel's Action Item: Email solicitation to community for recommendations/costs regarding multi-purpose structure to be placed at park. Prepare recommendations/budget for vote at Annual Association Meeting.

7) Vandalism to Park Benches - There was discussion on the recent vandalism of park benches. Both park benches were damaged beyond repair and deemed unsafe for continued use. It is unfortunate that this has happened and a decision was made not to replace them at this time due to lack of available funding. A volunteer has come forward to attempt to rectify the damaged park benches.

8) 4th of July Fireworks Ann's Action Item: 4th of July reminder - email communication to be sent to community. Keep pets inside; pickup after yourselves; be appreciative of other home owners. Thurston County Sheriff's Office Fireworks Discharge codes and applicable state law: http://www.co.thurston.wa.us/sheriff/information-fireworks-discharge.htmm

9) HOA Picnic Scheduled for Aug. 6th - The Association will be providing burgers, hot dogs, buns and condiments for upcoming picnic.
10) Trespassing on Private Property - There have been a few homeowners that expressed concern regarding people trespassing on their property.pan class="auto-style33" The Board has agreed that we need to send out a reminder to the Association. Mikel's Action Item: Trespassing Reminder - Draft up reminder for board review (revisions).

11) Road Maintenance Required - We have discovered several large cracks in the road that need to be repaired before winter.. Ann’s Action Item: Contact a couple of Asphalt companies for estimate on repairs. Schedule to have maintenance complete by end of summer.

12) Budget Review - Sonya reviewed budget with Board and expressed concern for water usage at front gate. Sonya's Action Item: Contact Tough Dirt regarding irrigation schedule at front gate; possible adjustment to be made.

Topics of discussion not on the agenda:

 a) Dog Waste Dispensers - We have three Dog Waste Dispensers that were donated by Dan Lambert to be placed strategically throughout the neighborhood. Sonya's Action Item: Contact Tough Dirt for estimate to install; locations have been established; pending installation.

b) Pedestrian Access Thru Front Gate - There was a homeowner request for better pedestrian access through the front gate for people that like to run outside the neighborhood. Ann's Action Item: Check on possible solutions.


Hummingbird at Fox Hill

Hummingbird at Fox Hill

Summer, 2016

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