2016 Officers' March 15 Meeting

Fox Hill Homeowners' Association

Olympia, Washington

Hawk near Fox Ridge Lane, January 2012
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March 15, 2016 Special Meeting
Fox Hill Homeowners Association
Mike Costello's Home

Kim Zangar, Secretary
March 15, 2016

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The meeting was called to order by President Ann Mendenhall.

The annual meeting notes from March 1, 2016 were reviewed and approved.

ACC (Architectural Control Committee):

The new committee was appointed:
  * Frank Zangar Chair
* Dana Otis
* Mitch Ybarra

The duties of the ACC Committee were explained. Requests are sent to each committee member for discussion and approval. 2 members are needed to approve requests. If the Committee does not review the request(s) in 30 days, it is considered an automatic approval.

Spurgeon Creek Restoration:

Committee Members were appointed:

  * Mitch Ybarra - Chair
* Susan Grigsby
* Ralf Schreiner
* Bill Hanson

Mitch Ybarra has been doing research on this project. He has met with the Wetland and Noxious Weeds personnel. A project is assessed as Category 3 if it is 100 feet from any structure. They like the land left alone in these areas just let the trees fall. They only need to be contacted if a structure is being added. Mitch has met with Jerilyn Wailey, South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group. She has already submitted our letter of intent. This letter of intent is not binding, but allows them to request funding. New board members were asked to give signatures for project file.

There is no cost to the HOA for the Salmon project. Grants will be awarded at the end of the year. If we vote to go through with this, we will have input until the engineers begin the work.
This was approved by the Board Members.

Discussion of discretionary spending, $3000:

The Board will suggest ideas, do the research and get the approval of the Fox Hill Homeowners Association.

1. Speeding problem in our neighborhood
   a. Ann Mendenhall has been researching our options
   b. A flashing sign has been shown to be most effective
   c. Speed bumps are the least effective
   d. A portable speed sign costs between $3000 and $5000
   e. Mitch Ybarra spoke to the post office about their trucks speeding in our neighborhood. The trucks    are equipped with GPS so they will follow up on our concerns.
   f. We will also need to post additional speed limit signs
2. School bus cover in the park
   a. 17 neighborhood kids ride the bus
   b. Dana Otis offered to check on cost of constructing a bus cover in the park
3. Dog Poop Disposal Posts with bags
   a. We would like to have these in the neighborhood. Ann Mendenhall will check with Carlos Benavidez to see if he can get the posts.
   b. Also discussed dogs in the neighborhood not on leashes or under verbal control.
i. If you have a problem with a loose dog, take a photo and text it to 911. Instructions will be posted on our webpage.
ii. Any vicious dogs should be reported to Animal Control.
4. Trees coming up the hill
   a. They are still small, so not a primary concern at this time.

Susan Grigsby

Susan Grigsby wanted to know what we are doing about dangerous trees in the green belt. In her previous neighborhood, Sunwood Lakes, they hired a person to evaluate the trees once a year and the HOA paid to have problem trees removed. Susan will be getting the name of the person hired in Sunwood Lakes and give it to Ann Mendenhall.

Discussion of Quorum for meeting:

Board Members met in private (at the voted request of members at Annual Meeting) to discuss changing our bylaws to a lesser percentage. Fox Hill HOA quorum is currently set at 60%.

1. If we match WA state law RCW 64.38.040, we will only need 34%.
2. It was suggested that we set a quorum of 51%.
3. We can have residents sign a petition to make whatever change we decide on.
4. We will propose this change to residents via e-mail prior to having a petition.
The Board of Directors is not conclusive on this issue and will discuss further at next board meeting.


Goldfinch at Fox Hill

Goldfinch at Fox Hill

Spring, 2015

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