2016 Officers' Sept. 27 Meeting

Fox Hill Homeowners' Association

Olympia, Washington

Hawk near Fox Ridge Lane, January 2012
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 Sept. 27, 2016 Special Officers Meeting
Fox Hill Homeowners Association
6:30 p.m., Ann Mendenhall's Home

Kim Zangar, Secretary

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Officers present:
President Ann Mendenhall
Vice President Mike Costello
Treasurer Sonya Ybarra
Secretary Kim Zangar
Director Kelly Gregerson

Homeowners present: Bill Hanson, Larry Ganders

Meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m.
July 27th board meeting notes were approved.

1. Tree Assessment Update.
Several neighbors expressed concern for dangerous trees. Jean Shaffer, Nisqually Tree Art Consulting walked through the neighborhood with Ann Mendenhall. Trees will be cut down if the home is in imminent danger. John Dennehy, Tree Expert and Professional Faller, will be taking the trees down. Tree falling is scheduled for November 1st. So far, $775 will be paid by the Association for this activity, along with some minor administrative costs:

a. Lot 58 - 4 trees have died and will be fallen into the green belt. These are in danger of hitting the home. Cost $225
b. Lot 24 - Large cottonwood is dropping dangerous limbs in back yard, but not on the house. Owners will pay to have this tree dropped with the approval of ACC Committee.
c. Lot 17 - Large dead tree is in danger of hitting home and will be stumped into the green belt for a cost of $375.
d. Lots 2 & 3 - Large hemlock with root rot in danger of falling on house. This tree will be dropped for $175. Owner will remove downed tree.

2. Retention Ponds
Our landscape service does not have the heavy equipment to cut the swells, which is required by Thurston County. We purchased a brush/tree cutter with funds from special projects and a group of residents volunteered their time to do the cutting necessary in these areas.

Alder trees on the hill were cut for the first time this year. We probably won’t need to have this done again next year, which leaves more funds to cut scotch broom. Scotch broom removal in the wetlands will require a $500 permit & administration fee of $30. This cutting will require motorized equipment to remove and bids will be collected for consideration by next year’s board.

3. Road Maintenance
Ann contacted numerous companies to repair cracks in our road, but the scope of work is too small. Some offered to put us on a waiting list for next year. Marc Mendenhall purchased 5 gallons of liquid tar and fixed several large cracks in the road. There are still several more that need to be addressed and he will do what he can to repair. Cost $149.15

4. Preliminary Budget Discussion
Dues will go up 5%. This is consistent with current progression of HOA dues.

a. We will be adding a line item for legal fees $2,000.
b. No money left for special projects.
 c. We can propose to raise dues at 2017 Annual Meeting to cover special projects such as a multi-purpose building at the park or replace benches.

2017 Annual Meeting – We will add an agenda item to discuss possible revision in Article IX Protective Covenants (t. Parking). Our current covenant allows vehicles, boats, commercial & construction vehicles, trailers, or disable vehicles to be parked or stored on any lot or street for a period of 24 hours in a week. It was suggested to allow RV, truck or trailer parking for up to 7 days with approval from the Board. The homeowner could be issued a bright colored permit to be posted in the window of vehicle.

5. Legal Counsel Regarding Homeowner Petition
Ann Mendenhall moved to have a private Executive Session to discuss the legal counsel in response to the recent homeowner petition. This was seconded and a private session was held to discuss these matters and recommendations.


Hummingbird at Fox Hill

Hummingbird at Fox Hill

Summer, 2016

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