Annual March 1 Board Meeting

Fox Hill Homeowners' Association
Olympia, Washington

Hawk near Fox Ridge Lane, January 2012
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March 1, 2017 Annual Meeting
Fox Hill Homeowners Association Board

Kim Zangar, Secretary

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Board Members Attending:

President Ann Mendenhall,
Vice President Mikel Costello,
Treasurer Sonya Ybarra,
Secretary Kim Zangar

 Meeting commenced at 6:03pm

Fire Prevention Chief Peterson, Olympia Fire District 6, thanked everyone for passing the bond. They do their best to spend money wisely.

UL - Underwriter's Laboratory Legacy Burn - Chief Peterson encouraged everyone to do a YouTube search to see a fire in 2 bedrooms showing how quickly rooms become fully evolved. It only takes 3 1/2 minutes. Critical to have working smoke detectors in your home and keep your bedroom doors closed when you sleep.

Olympic Fire District 6 needs volunteers. Looking for people in the community that want to be volunteer firefighters.

President Ann Mendenhall's Message

Thank you to board for time and commitment to the community. Thank you to committees, ACC Committee, Salmon Enhancement Group, and Larry Ganders for his work on the webpage. Thanks to numerous neighbors for volunteer time and donations.

2016 Board Accomplishments were listed on the back of the agenda (see Exhibit A).

Biggest setback for the board was the gravel barrier issue that took the majority of our time and money.

DUI driver went through our gate. Board was hoping to have it fixed by tonight. Insurance will be paying $6000 to repair the gate. HOA is responsible for $500 deductible. A request for restitution needs to be filed with the District Attorney's office since the driver did not have insurance.

Gravel Barrier Recommendation: Steve Hatton, Hatton Godat Pantier

This is the company that did the engineering/water study which recommended the gravel barrier.

Steve provided a map of Fox Hill Street Section (see Exhibit B) and explained the study completed in September 2013. There are two kinds of roads, one with paved shoulders and one with gravel shoulders. The load on asphalt comes from trucks. Trucks wear it out.

 Pavement on Fox Hill Lane is 24-40 feet wide; the road is narrower at the top of hill. Ditches are for storm water. Water runs off to the side, into the ditch and down the hill. Asphalt likes to sit on firm soil. There is gravel layer under the asphalt to keep water away.

The gravel on the shoulder keeps an edge on the asphalt and allows water to drain into ditch and keeps asphalt from getting saturated. If we get a lot of water on the edge, the road can be damaged. When we grow grass up to the asphalt it looks beautiful, but the water hits the turf curb and can't drain through the gravel filter. This creates a problem for the asphalt. It will cause it to fall apart over the years and crack. Water goes into the crack and causes deterioration. Study said we need culverts, drains and gravel on the edge of the road. It is preventative.

Ralf Schreiner asked about houses with vegetative curb. Ralf said the grass was above the edge and therefore it has been replaced by gravel. Ralf agrees crushed rock is the most stable to support the road, but river rock does not support the road. Steve restated that grass causes a problem.

Homeowner asked if it was recommended to lower the grass below the asphalt. Steve said it is better, but if it was ideal we would not have recommended gravel. That is between doing it right and doing it wrong.

Homeowner asked if river rock works as well as gravel. Steve indicated that the original design does not have river rock or grass up to the shoulder. The original recommendation was gravel. Gravel is the way it should be done. If you take gravel away from the edge, the asphalt is no longer supported. River rock should be considered as an enhancement and the gravel needs to be kept underneath, not removed.

Steve also noted that there must be appropriate slopes to the swale when putting in gravel. (Exhibit B shows a 4.1 slope from the center of the road to the swale and a 2.1 slope from the home to the swale to insure proper drainage.)

The lower road is 35-40 feet wide and does not need gravel because the shoulder was already paved. If it is a bike path that does not have excessive weight, it would not need gravel, but a narrow road that is driven on needs the gravel.

Petition from Homeowners

The initial petition from noncompliant homeowners alleged the association and the board did not have authority to enforce gravel barrier on HOA property.

The established HOA vote in 2014 required all homeowners to have an 18-24" gravel barrier to the road or to lower grass 1" below asphalt level.

The board was trying to enforce the 2-year expired grace period established by the initial vote which has caused stress between neighbors and resulted in additional cost(s).

The HOA board stopped enforcement action(s) after a second petition was submitted from the neighborhood to the board. The board agreed to put this topic of discussion on the annual meeting agenda so that the entire association could meet and discuss. Ann additionally invited Steve Hatton to speak at the annual meeting regarding the gravel barrier recommendation from his company.

Per the attorney, a petition does not override the association vote. The petition was not legal and binding as written. It was noted that liability could not be transferred to a new home owner.

Ann asked homeowners to express their views. New neighbor got a notice after living here 2 months. He complied, but was bothered with compromised areas on HOA property. Ann replied the park is the only place we need to be concerned about because of the narrow road.

John Stockman wanted to know if we have a quorum. Signature lists were collected to be counted.

Kendra Benavidez: Motion made that gravel barrier is a reasonable measure to protect our road and all homes need to have gravel, including the HOA park. All property against our road should have 5/8 minus compacted crushed rock barrier with negative grade against the road. This does not include the entry way and to the top of the hill where the road is 30+ feet wide. Non-compliant homes owners have until June 30, 2017 to become compliant. Seconded by Mitch Ybarra.

 *Signatures were counted and a quorum was verified; 43 homeowners were represented.

Vote conducted: In Favor-29, Opposed-7

John Stockman asked what would happen if the homeowners didn't comply with the new vote. Ann said that this would be the responsibility of the new board.

Gate System Update - for remotes and key system

3 bids for a new key system (DoorKing model # 1835): 1. Another Gate by Mike, $3500 2. Southgate Fence, $5,462 3. Guardian Gate Controls - selected. Cost $4012 + tax Overview of requirements, desirables, and options were handed out and presented to HOA.

Mitch Ybarra: Motion made that the HOA approve using Guardian Gate Controls. Seconded by Bill Hanson

Vote conducted: In Favor-30, Opposed-2, Abstained-6

Budget Review

Treasurer Sonya Ybarra reviewed the budget. All homeowners received a copy. We have 68 homeowners paying dues. See attached budget handout.

Next board can look at investing HOA funds.

Line item needs to be changed in budget from contingency to Gate System Update.

Two volunteers are needed to do an annual review of the 2016 budget. Amy Johnstone and Kendra Benavidez volunteered.

Election of Officers

President: Mitch Ybarra (25 votes)
Vice President: Marc Mendenhall (25 votes)
Treasurer: Sonya Ybarra (40 votes)
Secretary: Jody Costello (39 votes)
Director: Phil Peters (24 votes)

General Housekeeping

Hazardous Tree Policy - This is a recommended course of action for the next board. If the tree is NOT in imminent danger to a home, the burden resides on the home owner. If the tree is imminent danger to the home, then the burden is on the HOA. Most HOAs have a tree policy to help the board manage homeowner concerns and requests.

 Ann recommends this course of action and that a committee is formed to create the policy. John Stockman, Susan Grigsby, & Jim Baumgart volunteered for this committee for the new HOA board's consideration. Ann said she would help as needed.

Parking Covenants - Current covenant only allows up to 24 hours to park a trailer, RV, and camper in front of a home. Multiple homeowners contacted Ann about leaving these vehicles types parked in front of their home to provide ample space to move in, complete a project, & other short-term requests. HOA board believes this rule is too strict.

Recommendation is for the homeowner to notify/ask the HOA board for permission. Another recommendation was to use a document to solicit this request. Creating a "Rule" could be agreed upon by the HOA if motioned, 2nd, and voted on. Motion was made for the next board to revise our covenants to address this issue. John brought up his interpretation of this process for consideration.

Road Repair - None of the concrete providers contacted would address the damage to our road due to our work being too small. There was a recommendation for the next board to address.

HOA Annual Picnic - July 29th or August 5th? July 29th was the selected date.

HOA Directory - This information is stored on our MS OneDrive. New homeowner's information should be updated. Recommendation is for the new board to update this database. If a homeowner's information changes (email address, phone number, etc.), this information should be captured.

New board to appoint 2017 audit team.

 Meeting adjourned 8:18pm

Hummingbird at Fox Hill

Hummingbird at Fox Hill

Summer, 2016

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