Officers' Jan. 12, 2017 Meeting

Fox Hill Homeowners' Association
Olympia, Washington

Hawk near Fox Ridge Lane, January 2012
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Jan. 12, 2017 Special Officers Meeting
Fox Hill Homeowners Association
6:00 p.m., Ann Mendenhall's Home

Kim Zangar, Secretary

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Board Members Attending:

President Ann Mendenhall,
Vice President Mikel Costello,
Treasurer Sonya Ybarra,
Secretary Kim Zangar

Observing Homeowner: Ralf Schreiner

Annual Meeting Room Agreement for fire hall was signed. This is for the March 1st Annual Meeting.

Gate Problem - Sonya gave a brief update on problems we have been having with the front gate. Justin, Southgate Fence, came out Tuesday to evaluate the electronic system which is approximately 10 years old and can no longer add/program new remotes This system is no longer being manufactured and the company has changed its technology. Frank at Southgate believes the system will encounter more problems in the future and we may need a new microprocessor and the cost for that part may be thousands of dollars plus installation. Southgate has been asked to write up an estimate for what we need and suggest alternatives including wireless and high-speed internet systems. We do not have any money left in the current budget, so this will most likely be something that needs immediate attention from the new 2017 board.

Mikel Costello recommended we go wireless if we require a new system. Mikel will be researching available options and estimates for a decision to resolve the gate problem. Mikel Costello (with the help of Larry Ganders) will be taking over gate responsibilities for Kelly until March 1st. (This topic of discussion was not originally on agenda.)

Petition from Homeowners - Ann

Petition of and for the Fox Hill Homeowners: We, the undersigned homeowners of Fox Hill Homeowners Association (HOA) agreed as follows:

1. We direct and require the HOA Board to cease all actions involving the removal of grass/soil by the asphalt pavement of Fox Ridge Lane SE along any lot owned by a member of the association.

2. No homeowner shall be required to remove grass/soil along the edge of the asphalt pavement of Fox Ridge Lane SE and replace it with gravel or make any changes to the grass/soil.

3. However, if a homeowner does not remove such grass/soil and replace it with gravel, that adjoining homeowner shall be solely responsible to make all required and necessary repairs to the asphalt pavement which actually results from not removing the grass/soil and replacing it with gravel. The adjoining homeowner shall hold the HOA harmless for all costs related to such repairs.

There are 40 signatures (representing 41 lots) on the petition.

Per our attorney, James Randall, a petition does NOT override a vote of the Association. In addition, statement number three is not binding/legal-liability cannot be transferred. Mr. Randall felt the petition should definitely be discussed at the upcoming Annual Meeting.

Ann has contacted a representative from HATTON GODAT PANTIER to speak at our March 1st Annual Meeting. HATTON GODAT PANTIER is the company that completed the original stormwater study for the Association in October 2013. He will explain the recommendation for gravel. There are still 5 lots that are non-compliant with the Association vote and have not put gravel next to the road.

Ann Mendenhall moved that money needs to be allocated in the 2017 budget to bring all homes into compliance. This was seconded by Mike Costello and approved by board. $5000 will be set aside for this expense.

Ann's Action Item: Get bids for remaining non-compliant lots to have 18-24 inch gravel barrier put in. Mikel Costello suggested we do not get bids from current vendors working in our neighborhood to avoid an awkward situation.

Budget - Sonya

We only have 3 more bills (water, electricity and phone) coming in before March 1st. We are still waiting on a small refund check from Mr. Electric. He had said he would give us a discount and mail a partial refund for replacing the LED light at gate entry several months ago. We recommend using a different electric company in the future with more reasonable rates. Our 2016 budget was $20,000. We went over by approximately $3000 (see detailed budget). The additional spending was primarily due to legal fees.

 2017 Budget: * Move $800 from storm water maintenance to road maintenance (crack repair).  Need to address scotch broom in wetland area. It needs to be removed with heavy equipment or mowed. Increase to $3500 from $3200.  Add $1,000 for possible tree removal. Upon homeowner's request, HOA is responsible for removing dangerous trees in the green belt. A dangerous tree is defined as being dead/dying and in imminent danger of hitting a home. All other trees of concern will need HOA approval (via an ACC Application) for removal at the homeowner's expense.

Ann Mendenhall will be discussing the need for a HOA Tree Policy at the Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting Agenda Preparation - All

Opening Prayer (Jerry Kester offered to give opening prayer)

Guest Speaker (regarding gravel next to road)

 Petition Update & Discussion Budget Review & Vote Gate System Update Dangerous Trees (tree policy needed)

 Board Accomplishments (bullet list included with agenda)

HOA Board Vacancies (voting required)

 Open Discussion / General Housekeeping Note: Pass all notebooks & keys to new board at the March 1st meeting.

Ann's Action Item: Put together final agenda for March 1st Annual Meeting and send out to all homeowners by Feb. 1, 2017. Agenda that was sent out with annual dues was from last year. Minutes from September 27th Board Meeting were reviewed and approved by all board members.

Meeting Adjourned

Hummingbird at Fox Hill

Hummingbird at Fox Hill

Summer, 2016

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