July 11 Officers Meeting

Fox Hill Homeowners' Association

Olympia, Washington

Chipmunk at Fox Hill, July 2017
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July 11, 2017 Special Meeting
Fox Hill Homeowners Association Officers

(Mitch Ybarra's Home)

Jody Costello, Secretary

Click HERE for printable minutes pdf file

Officers Attending:
Mitch Ybarra-President
Marc Mendenhall-Vice President
Sonya Ybarra-Treasurer
Phil Peterson-Director
Jody Costello-Secretary

Other homeowners in attendance: None

1) ACC Role with Respect to Violations:

a. We need to begin notifying homeowner's who are non-compliant with HOA rules

b. What is the process to notify homeowner's and the boards role

c. Reviewed draft violation letter. Would prefer to not use email and deliver a hard letter

d. Personally talk with homeowners first regarding violation of the CC&Rs giving homeowner's 15 days to rectify the matter. If not rectified, then send a letter with a fine. Mark is willing to go with an ACC member to deliver the message.

Action Item: Jody will ask Mikel Costello to contact Mitch Ybarra by this Friday.

2) Compliant Process from HOA to Board

Homeowner's need to submit written notice to the board. This is to eliminate homeowner's verbally complain to board members

Action Item: Send a note out via Facebook and webpage letting folks know that if they have an issue to raise to the HOA board to send it to the HOA email.

 3) Gate:

Install a new fire department and Knox key switch. Cost is $927.00. Board approved this expenditure.

HOA Special Meeting Minutes for 11 July 2017


Female Rufous Hummingbird, July 2017

Female Rufous Hummingbird at Fox Hill

July, 2017

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