May 10 Officers Meeting

Fox Hill Homeowners' Association
Olympia, Washington

Hawk near Fox Ridge Lane, January 2012
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May 10, 2017 Special Meeting
Fox Hill Homeowners Association Officers

(Mitch Ybarra's Home)

Jody Costello, Secretary

Click HERE for printable minutes pdf file

Officers Attending:
Mitch Ybarra-President
Marc Mendenhall-Vice President
Sonya Ybarra-Treasurer
Phil Peterson-Director
Jody Costello-Secretary

Homeowner in attendance: Outgoing President-Ann Mendenhall

1) Road Gravel Deadline:

a. Four remaining homeowners remain non-compliant with the gravel barrier between the road and grass. The deadline for compliance is June 30, 2017.
 b. Two homeowners originally met compliance but used incorrect rock. They are granted a one month extension to July 1, 2017, to allow time to change out.
 c. Discussion: A 30 day reminder notice will be drafted and sent certified mail to the four homeowners.
Action Item: Jody will draft a 30 day letter for review by the board.

 2) Gate Status:

a. The Vendor Guardian will be onsite May 19, 2017 to install a new module. This is a one day install.
 b. The new gate is installed. Considering placing reflective tape on the new gate to match the other gate.
 c. The gate should have annual maintenance:

* The current gate reverse loop (does not have the required slowdown feature) function causes the gate to stops midstream, consequently prematurely wearing out the gearbox. Lifespan is estimated at 10 years; the current age is 5 plus years with initial install date of 03/01/12.

 * Original gate motor had slowdown feature/ and beams that prevent the gate from closing prematurely. Apparently, WA state code UI 325, indicates gates of this type must have pedestrian safety features. Our gate since modification, no longer does.

 * The vendor who repaired the gate recommends a one year service plan for the gate to include: cleaning, belt checks, arm joints lube/hinges. The maintenance estimate is 200$ annually vis a vis Gate by Mike.

* After careful inspection of gates repairs the HOA President discovered the second backup battery to the 2nd motor is missing. A recommendation to purchase the missing battery is prudent.

* Road repairs are required to sustain wiring harnesses to the gate Kiosk below the surface of the road on both sides of the gate. Essentially there are cracks exposing all the wiring harnesses that "trip" the gate to open/close. Weather has compromised these three wiring harnesses that are no more than 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep below the surface of the road and are not designed to operate when exposed.

Action Item: Jody will notify homeowners via Facebook and email of the work.

3) Non-Compliance with CCRs:

a. The board reviewed a draft non-compliance door hanging form and draft violation form letter. The board would like to have official forms to communicate non-compliance with homeowners. The door hanging form would be for minor infractions. The violation form letter would be for more egregious infractions.

b. There are potentially two homeowner's that will need notice regarding non-compliant material used on their fence and encroachment of HOA property.

Action Item: Secretary was going to ask Mike Costello to resend draft forms for review Action Item: Vice-President to draft a fee schedule and share with board for feedback

4) Road:

a. Cracks and seams in the road in front of the gate, Mendenhall's and Hanson's home reviewed for repair. First quote for repair is $1,016.00. In process of obtaining two additional quotes. The cost to cover this repair will come from the common areas line item.

b. The President has researched sealing the entire road. It may be a good investment to seal the entire road as a preventative measure.

 5) Seal: The Secretary has obtained a seal for the HOA and will begin stamping documents with the seal.

Hummingbird at Fox Hill

Hummingbird at Fox Hill

Summer, 2016

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