March 17 Officers Meeting

Fox Hill Homeowners' Association
Olympia, Washington

Hawk near Fox Ridge Lane, January 2012
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March 17, 2017 Special Meeting
Fox Hill Homeowners Association Officers

(Mitch Ybarra's Home)

Jody Costello, Secretary

Click HERE for printable minutes pdf file

Officers Attending:
Mitch Ybarra-President
Marc Mendenhall-Vice President
Sonya Ybarra-Treasurer
Phil Peterson-Director

Homeowner in attendance: Outgoing President-Ann Mendenhall

1) Annual Meeting/Minutes recap-Outgoing President

a. Opening comments by incoming President, Mitch Ybarra, March 16, 2017. Agenda topics and a brief discussion reviewing the Fox Hill Association's Board mandate, purpose, responsibilities and the obligations of HOA homeowners. Highlighted the updates roles/ responsibilities for newly elected Board members.

 b. Review of 01 March, 2017 Annual Meeting Approved Minutes: Discussion: Board members reviewed minutes for any final observations/oversights not currently captured. Closing observations by board members in attendance did not yield any additional updates, deletions or add-ons.

 Motion by the Sonya Ybarra, the Treasurer to approve the minutes. Motion seconded by the Vice President, Marc Mendenhall. Minutes approved.

Secretary, Jody Costello, Action Item: Post the minutes upon completion to follow-up meeting w/ the Secretary scheduled for 20 March, 2017 at 18:30.

2) Repairs- Director: The Director will assume responsibility over all things repair related. Phil, contacted Another Gate by Mike-vendor, charged with repair of our HOA gate. The gate was picked up 2 March and taken to their shop, where they are building a new gate using the old as a template. The old gate was too badly bent to be repaired and retain its structural integrity and they will be replacing the motor rather than trying to repair damage. The gate is nearing completion and the motor is in stock, they have a mason on standby to repair the stone column at the time they return the gate. They expect to replace the gate the week of 3 April, which is two weeks earlier than their original estimate. They will let us know when they are coming back out to replace and ask that we inform the Association members that they will be on site with half the gate closed down at a time and ask motorists to please yield to workmen. We'll also need to have someone on site during the replacement to give them access to the electrical box at the gate.

 Additionally, Ann Lovell communicated the requisite strategy to recoup the HOA insurance deductible. The President will contact Insurance Company and request they file an "Order of Restitution with District Attorney, who will seek repayment via the Court.

 Action Item: The President will contact the Insurance Company and submit the request.

 Action Item: Jody will notify homeowners (in coordination with Phil) via the website of pending work/repairs.

 3) Budget Management-Treasurer. The Treasurer is charged with producing a Budget History information paper that outlines/captures what specifically the HOA is currently funded to manage, and forecast when the HOA is scheduled to adequately source the Road Maintenance Fund. Sonya, contacted Anchor Bank, invested personnel to determine sources of interest bearing accounts, where HOA, Road Maintenance Fund monies may earn interest. The best option to earn interest on Road Maintenance monies, is a CD at 2.02 interest. The Board is in agreement, that placing $50,000 of the $63,000 in a CD interest bearing account is a good HOA practice. This option will leave the HOA $13,779.24 dollars to manage un-forecasted and unbudgeted crisis situations. This decision to maintain crisis response monies should not be considered monies available for budget purposes.

 Motion: Sonya made a motion to approve the placement of monies into a CD, and Marc, seconded that motion.

 Action Item: The Treasurer will place $50,000 into a CD with Anchor Bank and reflect the status on the HOA budget.

4) Committee Oversight/ACC & Hazard Tree Policy Nominees -President
The President maintains over-sight of all committees and those actions that affect all homeowners. Mikel Costello has volunteered to serve as the ACC Chairman. John Stockman has volunteered as the Hazard Tree Policy Committee Chairman, whose charter is to produce a Hazard Tree Policy.

The President has directly contacted Steve Hatton, the Engineer that completed the Gravel/Water study for Fox Hill Estates, for clarification on the use of River Rock placed on top of gravel barrier requirements. Below is a clarification on the use of River Rock on top of gravel. This response serves as clarification and approval on the use of River Rock on top of gravel; the same approved gravel decision arrived at during the 01MAR2017 Annual meeting.

"So let's assume that the paved road with gravel shoulder is built per the original design. Let's then assume someone wishes to set down a layer of larger diameter, round, washed rock on top. The described material I used won't "compact" and so won't pose a barrier that would compromise the asphalt, shoulder, and drainage system. Something with more fine grained material (sand, silt, small gravel) is more of what I would term "pit run gravel" and WOULD NOT be a good idea to add on top of the crushed gravel shoulder. So, "true river rock" in my way of thinking, is a landscaping thing that water will move through freely.

The President communicated the need to publicly identify those HOA members whose previous volunteer efforts where of significant contribution to the HOA. The discussion and recommendation was to have HOA non-board members nominate an HOA volunteers efforts either monthly, or annually who contributed to the HOA in a commendable manner. The approved nominee by the Board and that HOA member's contributions might be published on the HOA website. Finally, the President feels a public acknowledgement or significant contributions is becoming of the HOA.

 Action Item: The ACC Chairman will assume duties

Action Item: The Hazard Tree Chairman will assume duties.

Action Item: The HOA President will appeal to the HOA on its members nominating an exceptional volunteer and publishing those results on the HOA website.

5) By Laws update/-Vice President: The Vice President will be our By-Laws SME, charged with updating the By-Laws/Covenants. Marc and the board members reviewed the budget for any cost savings this coming year. The HOA requires 41 members to concur with proposed covenants and by-laws amendments. Apparently three previous HOA boards, ago an effort was made to amend the covenants in order stay current with HOA requirements. The previous builder limited that effort.

The HOA currently has a budget line item requirement to complete scotch broom removal in 2017, unfortunately the Double Duty LLC, current bid of $5,000 on file, exceeds our scotch broom budget of $3,500. A discussion on saving HOA monies by omitting scotch broom removal this year or every other year was completed with a motion.

Motion: Sonya, the Treasurer made a motion to complete scotch broom removal in 2017, and Phil the Director, seconded that motion.

Action Item: The VP, Marc, will seek negotiation on the price the vendor has quoted us. Let's hope for the best.

6) Information Management/Web Management - Secretary: The outgoing President identified the real need to mark HOA minutes, covenants, By-Laws & orders/rules with a Fox Hill Association Seal. This is priority requirement that is already resident in the CC&Rs.

Action Item: The HOA Secretary will execute this action in coordination with all other Board members.

7) Violations-ACC Committee Chair. The new ACC Committee Chair is charged with both identifying violations and communicating with HOA members to remedy said violation.

 Action Item: Contact those HOA members whose property is not in accordance with covenants. An HOA member has already contacted the Board on homeowner "sanitary containers shall be screened from view, expect when placed out for pickup on that Day. Several are stored in plain sight in front yard".

Supplemental Meeting on March 20, 2017 at Mikel and Jody's home:

Mitch reviewed the HOA meeting with Jody and clarified his direction and expectations concerning Jody's role and responsibilities as the HOA Secretary.

 Jody will compile quotes for a Fox Hill HOA seal (ink stamp) to give to Sonya for procurement; Article XII - Corporate Seal in the Fox Hill HOA Bylaws, requires this seal. Upon receipt of the seal, the Secretary will begin to notarize previous HOA documentation for proper archival.

Mitch clarified his direction and expectations concerning Mikel's duties and responsibilities as the ACC Chair.

A motion to develop a Fox Hill ACC Violation Form was proposed my Mitch, seconded by Jody; for Mikel to develop a draft document to be sent to the HOA Board for review, constructive criticism, value-added feedback, and recommended revisions. The purpose of this form is to document violations (infractions) to/of covenants, bylaws and rules.

 The ACC Chairman will develop a non-compliance process. Upon draft completion, the document will be sent to the HOA Board for review, constructive criticism, value-added feedback, and recommended revision. The purpose of this process workflow (map) is to provide clarity on the actions, anticipated timeline(s), and decisions that will go into dealing and mitigating non-compliance issues.

Janey Hanson and Dana Otis both volunteered to serve as members of the ACC

Hummingbird at Fox Hill

Hummingbird at Fox Hill

Summer, 2016

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