Nov. 30 Officers Meeting

Fox Hill Homeowners' Association
Olympia, Washington

Chipmunk at Fox Hill, July 2017
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Nov. 30, 2017 Special Meeting
Fox Hill Homeowners Association Officers

(Mitch Ybarra's Home)

Jody Costello, Secretary

Click HERE for printable minutes pdf file

Officers Attending:
Mitch Ybarra-President
Marc Mendenhall-Vice President
Sonya Ybarra-Treasurer
Phil Peterson-Director
Jody Costello-Secretary

Secretary ACC member in attendance: Mikel Costello

1) Tree Policy:

The board discussed the draft policy that was provided to the board. The board also discussed changes to the policy. The board will finalize the draft for HOA review at the annual meeting.

 Action Item: Take the final draft policy to the annual HOA board meeting for a vote.

2) Non-Compliant HOA members:

The board discussed that it will exhaust all means necessary to settle issues within the community, to include seeking legal counsel to represent the HOA.

3) Lot #1, Tree Removal Request:

Reviewed and discussed homeowner's ACC application request. Action Item: Reviewed and discussed homeowner's ACC application request.

4) Lot 58, Shed:

Reviewed and discussed homeowner's letter regarding the shed. Action: A response will be provided to the homeowner.

5) Lot 9, Yard:

No ACC application submitted by the homeowner to date. Action: A violation notice will be sent to the homeowner's.

6) Lot 68, Tree Removal:

 Mitch shared with the board the status of the lot.

7) Lot #69, trespassing:

There continues to be complaints of trespassing on this homeowner's lot by other HOA homeowner's. Action: A letter will be sent to homeowner's who trespass on this lot. The Sheriff's office may be notified.

8) Budget Status:

The board reviewed the budget.

9) Fee Increase Proposal: The board discussed proposing a fee increase at the annual HOA meeting for a vote.

10) Gate: Vendor came back out and replaced the motherboard. The telephone line is only set up for local numbers. This is problematic for homeowners with non-local numbers. The recommendation is to add long distance calling to the telephone line. Action: Sonya will contact the telephone company to get an estimate on cost.

HOA Special Meeting Minutes for 30 November 2017

Female Rufous Hummingbird, July 2017

Female Rufous Hummingbird at Fox Hill

July, 2017

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